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Finally a fellow smoker on here 😛

Ive tried juicing bud as well too, i find that juicing leaf works just as well though, just doesnt taste as good. I noticed it made my allergies really bad, but the oils from the leaf seem to help lubricate your stomach and whatnot.. when you juice bud raw,the antioxidants more powerful than some vitamins.. and it has really good anti inflammatory benefits too. But it didnt make enough of a difference to me to be worth the effort. Supposed to be really good for some health problems though, and the benefit of this way is that you stay alert during the day. I hear it works best for preventive medicine than anything though.

For the oil,
first i freeze the bud, so cholorphyll does not come off the plant, crush the material.

soak the bud in 99% iso… it is the cleanest extraction method… i soak it for 3 mins, then soak the same material again for another 3 mins to get the final 20% of the THC. Make sure you use more than it takes to cover the bud.

I use a full oz of high grade indica bud, i soak a bit at a time then throw it all in a coffee pot… then i turn on the coffee pot and let it sit for a day or so.. until its almost done cooking… then i put the oil in a small metal measuring cup, and add 5-10 drops of distilled water, and cook it until there is hardly any water left… since water evaporates at a higher temp than the iso all the iso will be evaporated.

This method is used for treating cancer patients.. 2lbs of bud will make 2oz of oil, and will be enough to cure almost any cancer in 3 months.

It does lower your immune system slightly but that is not relevant, it has other healing properties. I agree with you, smoking a joint does make your candida worse.. thats because it contains slightly cancerous compounds, and also when you smoke you are destroying 95% of the healing properties of cannibis compared to ingesting it as oil.

THC in its purest form, has antifungal properties… heres my theory how..

you know how they say when you smoke a joint it gets stuck in your fat cells? Well thats because THC binds in between you cells, and it stays there for a long time… if you fill your cells with enough pure thc (and other herbal oils) then there isnt room there for fungus to spread. It works kind of like coconut oil except it sticks to your cells for a longer period of time. Just like any antifungal it should be used to finish off your candida… the trick is you need a ton of it at once. If you take it when you are fasting it will have more of an affect as well… since the food soaks up some of the thc. Its expensive as hell, your best bet is to get some good seeds or clones and grow it yourself… that way you can use awesome organic fertilizer too. It only costs about $50 to grow $2000 worth of herb indoor once you set it up, most strains will finish in less than 3 months.

Another cool thing about cannabis… it does not affect your breathing whatsoever… in fact this 20 year study claims it can help your lungs… more oxygen in the blood is a good thing for the fight against candida.

Somewhere on one of my FB pages i have a scientific explaination of how hemp oil has antifungal and anticancerous properties too, ill have to look for it.