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420biker wrote: As for adrenal exaustion, i can testify that it is total bullshit… adrenal exaustion does not exist, do not believe their lies.  If this truly was an illness, wouldnt there be scientific proof of it?  Well there isnt any… all there is, is this theory that some idiot came up with that your body has an adrenaline imbalance or whatever.

I paid $300 a month for 6 months for licorice root, siberian ginseng, vitamins, minerals, adrenal support.. food allergy testing, the whole 9 yards.  After 6 months i didnt notice any improvement at all in the so-called adrenal exaustion, so i did some research… i have found that many people doing the same treatment as me for up to 8 years had also noticed no improvements in symptoms either…. coincidence? i think not.  The way that i was tested was with a saliva test… it indicated that i had stage 3, the worst level of adrenal exaustion.

My treatment also included going to bed at 10, getting as much sleep as possible, to avoid caffiene, to avoid foods that im allergic to, and to avoid anxiety at all costs.

I think the multiple stage idea is based on Hans Seyle’s General Adaptation Syndrome; the difference being that you’d be lying in a morgue and not handing over $300/month to a diagnosis-happy naturopath in Seyle’s exhaustion stage. Some claim AF is an intermediary between Addison’s and normal, but fail to point out that Addison’s is often associated with serious pathology, like a pituitary tumour. 

It does seem like hydrocortisone can be part of a holistic approach to hormone balancing when taken in physiologic doses when required, but maybe there are other options that can produce the same results. When people receive this kind of curative treatment, an AF dx might have some merit, but generally it seems to be a cash cow for quacks, as your own case demonstrates well.