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I think a 1% chance is pretty small. I believe there is a 1% chance that a person is allergic to aspirin as well. If you do the diet as outlined in this forum without cheating I am sure you indeed will be on your way to a candida free life quick enough. However I also believe it’s not the only way to meet that goal and you can still meet it without adhering to the forum protocol 100%. There are risks in life and avoiding every risk because of a 1% chance of something going wrong is not for everyone.

I agree that the diet takes some serious will power and cheating every week will get you nowhere. However, not all folks are built the same and some it will take longer due to physical and mental limitations.

I would rather see folks work toward a strict diet and try some risk and maybe eating more stuff like on phase two of the diet, tomatoes, almonds, quinoa until they are healthy enough to really dig in and punch that candida out. I think some folks who dive into the diet as outlined here on the forum and just eat raw veggies and eggs, and then go through sever die off symptoms, it’s just too much and they could do more harm to themselves by spending tons on doctor bills, doing some other crazy treatment or just quit. Some folks just do not have the will power to endure that and those folks should not use that as an excuse to quit or do something crazy when in fact, just going slower and working within your own abilities will still get there.

That said,I apreciate what folks like you, raster, and able do for everyone who comes here looking for advice. I hope you dont think I am trying to criticize anyone.