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Quote – That said, when I talked to a pharmacist about husk and the dangers, she balked at me and said if it occurs it rare. Many people use it all the time without ill effects.

Response – I completely agree – 99% of people probably are fine using it but it’s that 1% that would concern me! I wouldn’t take the chance on some internal bleeding, even at those odds!

Quote – I don’t consider her an expert but then again I don’t consider folks on the forums experts either.

Response – Absolutely, I don’t think anyone on the site would call themselves experts, just people of varying degrees of experience. I was mortified when I saw my status had changed to “expert” – this site just changes your status to expert once you’ve posted X number of times which i think it very silly! I’m no expert, I just have lots & lots of questions for Able… “stalker” would be a more appropriate title for me haha!

Quote – Even though I was not buying anything from her, they didn’t have what I was looking for; she did take the time to talk about candida and gave me a bunch of literature about it.

Response – You’re really lucky, I’ve only met useless sales staff trying to make their commission! I would say, make a friend of her and pick her brains whenever you go in!

Quote – The folks on these forums are very knowledge and helpful but they do not know everything.

Response – I presume most people know that? Maybe not… i’m sceptical by nature so would take any “expert” at face value but read around the subject myself. But I think the main reason a lot of people rely on the supposed “experts” on this site is that they are so prompt, detailed & knowledgable with their responses. I couldn’t believe it the first time I posted that someone actually took the time to post immediately and at length… and asking me for more detail so they could help me more! People like that are rare and I for one appreciate it… and try to help out a bit and post some responses when I can to take the pressure of them. (Of course, I sometimes add to the pressure by posting incorrectly… that’s why I hate the “expert” title beside my name!)

Quote – I believe that this forum has the strictest diet but at the same time, I believe a lot of things are to cover all bases that are not necessary for most folks. Take quinoa for example, this is the only place I have seen that folks do not include it in the diet. This is based on the idea someone might develop allergies to it. Really I would wager that it is safe for most people and it should be something to test not ignore. I eat it all the time instead of rice.

Response – Good example and that’s exactly the point of the strict diet! I for one didn’t know if I was allergic to Quinoa or not so I would have hated to keep eating it and then weeks later after seeing no progress finally realise I was eating something my system didn’t like? I suppose what you’d call this is a classic “elimination diet” and the lads have worked it right back to what they can pretty much guarantee (if such a thing exists!) the things that won’t cause a reaction and then once the person is completely symptom free they start re-introducing at whatever pace they feel comfortable with and whatever foods they feel they should introduce first. Obviously they have advice on this too but I think most people try a few bits & pieces as the occasion arrises and hold their breath to see if they react. I can’t really see a different way of doing this effectively?

Quote – This forum has a perfect diet for those who do not want to take any chances and that is great. However from reading a lot of testimonials, I see folks break down all the time from candida diets and eat a burger or what not. So, don’t be afraid to test a food out if it’s on other candida diet food list and if you’re the type to break down and cheat the diet anyways. The test food might not harm you like others and in my opinion its better than getting frustrated with eating strict rabbit food then breaking down and eating something really bad.

Response – pretty much what i’ve said above but also I;d add that you do need willpower to do this diet this way. It’s like giving up smoking – you can either go cold turkey and after the initial withdrawal start to see the benefits straight away…. or cut down over time and the benefits are more gradual?

Quote – Also you have to be realistic to your abilities. If you have serious candida infestations and do this strict diet, you’re going to have massive die offs. Hot tubs, milk thistle, molybdenum (with chelate) vitamin C should all be part of your diet but this will not stop the die offs only relieve it. If you are suffering bad, just slow down, take less anti fungals or probiotics, or eat a piece of meat. There is no need to suffer for long periods, just take it slower to get to that goal. As long as you stay on that goal and continually work towards it you will eventually see massive improvements to your health and possibly your candida infestation.

Response – I absolutely agree. I was in the fortunate position that I was able to go hell for leather and do it cold turkey. But those who work long hours or manually are advised not to do it this way and it’s all a matter of choice at the end of the day.

So in essence, I agree with everything you’ve said but maybe for slightly different reasons! I’m enjoying working this demon out together and have seen Able & Raster’s knowledge grow over the few months I’ve been involved with the forum. I find that’s heartening that they’re not just stuck to a rigid “protocol” (hate that word!) but they learn from the rest of us and amend the allowed list & supplements etc as they learn more.

Must dash and put the dinner on!