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Hope, raise your vitamin C intake to 6000 mg a day taken at least an hour and a half apart. This can help to excrete the toxins from your body. Vitamin C is water soluble, so you can’t take too much, but if you do, it’s simply eliminated in the urine.

If you’re taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate and not just regular molybdenum, you can easily raise the amount. Take another dose tonight, and go up to 750 mcg a day starting tomorrow and you’ll see a difference in the die-off symptoms.

If neither of these has helped in 36 hours, reduce your coconut oil to one teaspoon a day until the die-off has lessened considerably. It’s more important right now to reduce the toxins in your body than it is to kill the Candida.

Are you saying that you believe the bladder and vaginal pain is being caused by die-off? This is rather unusual if so. When did that pain start?

Are you drinking Nettle Leaf tea? If not, you might consider purchasing some if you can.