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That’s cool y’all have a place 2 eat out, I don’t have anywhere to eat out without cheating at least a lil bit. I have been eating coconut bread avocado and bolied eggs on the go and to work I can bring anything cuz I have microwave but I get so busy with errands that the hunger just 2 much.

To give u brief description of my symptoms –
My most bothersome symptoms are feeling like I have Pee 24-7 , and a deeper burning pain maybe in bladder, ill also feel like I have a yeast infection that’s not full blown 24-7 and always have vaginal pain external and internal. Started after normal vaginal delivery a year and half ago.

I wouldn’t know if dairy contributes as I put plain yogurt in my bread I never cut it out 2 see but I don’t notice anything immediate. I do notice immediate pain with white bread, pasta, vinger, chocolate, anything high in acid. I have a ic diagnosis – bladder pain syndrome but this is based on symptoms alone.