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I don’t know what you are taking at all but plan on a long term recovery to get over this; most people need 6-18 months to recover from CRC (candida related complex). I don’t know what kind of program you are on but you need carbs imho, atleast some. This is likely why you are so hungry. Its hard to fill up on veggies and meat. Your body needs additional energy; the enregy you get from this diet is way different when compared to eating wheat and corn, etc. These grains pack a ton of energy!

The avocado could be making you constipated and eggs cause constipation too. I would try out a week without these and a week with them to notice any differences. For me, once I removed eggs from my diet (except for weekends), I started to heal a lot faster and my digestion improved significantly.

Additionally, I would check out some of the warnings people have mentioned with eating so much meat. If you are constipated, the meat will produce a lot of ammonia which then benefits the yeast. I would try to reduce to one serving per day at some point if possible.

If your sausage isn’t chicken sausage, I would replace with chicken sausage…beef and pork take days to digest whereas chicken and fish take hours.

You need to feel full like thanksgiving after each meal and I would snack on something like celery or breads between meals.