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jgentry8;56836 wrote: I agree, and I have leaky gut syndrome. I was origiy allergic to everything I ate but through a form of acupuncture called NATO I have gotten all food allergies cleared. With that being said, there are food intolerances I have such as dairy. Even vegetables such as cauliflower is causing cramping and gas. Coffee enemas are the only thing that’s working. I don’t I gluten either so I’m hesitant about buckwheat. I LOVE kelp noodles I eat those too I make stir fryes with broccoli asparagus and spinach.

Buckwheat despite the name is actually gluten free ^_^. Just make sure to check the packaging for the gluten-free logo. You can find 100% buckwheat noodles but they’re pretty expensive though from what I saw, they’re cheaper than the kelp noodles though (At least at the store I go to)! So you can give them a try!