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Morning: avacado, egg, chicken or whatever meat is left over. If there is no meat then I use sausage (this is all organic, cage free, whatever)

Lunch: typically get a salad from chipotle with extra pork, extra lettuce, guac, veggies

Mid day I have some tea, maybe another avacado and some teaspoons of coconut oil

Dinner: chicken (with skin) could eat the whole freaking chicken. STARVING. Tonight around 5 (couldn’t wait til 6) had roasted veggies, and salmon. Then came home around 8 (starving!!) had two eggs roasted cauliflower and another avacado and couldn’t stop eating coconut oil.

Now I feel nauseated 🙁 again I’m only on day 5 so is this pretty typical? I feel like I’m gonna gain soooo much weight, but my bloating continues to go down (except my stomach, cuz it’s so full)

Is this die off? Do I want so much protien and everything cuz candida is starving and robbing my nutrition?? Need some insight here