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HI, Katy.

As Taurus told you, yes the itchy feeling can come from die-off, and if you’ve not experienced it before, then more than likely that’s what it is rather than a Candida symptom.

The oat bran fiber is excellent for you, as long as you can prevent it from causing problems to your stomach. I think I’ve mentioned before, oat bran is a great food source for the beneficial flora in the system.

About adding the oregano oil to your arsenal; I’d rather wait to see if you can take additional doses of Molybdenum before you start that, especially since you seem to be experiencing die-off symptoms with the dose you’re taking. If the Molybdenum doesn’t take care of it, you may need to order the Candidate from online. I’m sure you read the ‘die-off dangers’ post so you know how dangerous the toxins can be to your body.

Hope you have a great weekend. We’ll be here on Hilton Head until Sunday, sadly, at which time we’ll be leaving for home.