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Able & Friends,

Thank you for getting back to me. Your answers have been helpful. Sorry for the detailed posts but I really want to get this thing right.

I have a few things that I would like clarification with if you don’t mind..

1. Able wrote: Which detox drink are you using? You may want to read the post below.

1. I am using the detox drink detailed on this website. Phyllium Powder and Bentonite Clay. I have no problem taking it. I do drink warm lemon water in the am.

2. Able wrote: Reply: Depends on what they are. (Supplements)

2. I take a multi vitamin from Mercola (I seems like a good food grade vit), OptiFactor which I take because it has 3900 mgs daily on the NT Factor compound. This is for fatigue. Whole Minerals, Trace Minerals, Essential Amino Acids, Omegas, Ubiquinol (which I take instead of CQ10), K2. Magnesium Malate, Astaxanthin, Chorlea, Blue Alge. I think that’s about it for supplements.

2a. I read that during the cleans stage that I should not take probiotic. Is it a waist? I have Mega Flora by Mega Food, FloraMyces (can’t remember who makes it) and Theralac.

3. I asked for advice on how/when to use the suggested supplements. Can you insert the detox drops, molybdenum, candidate ect… (see original question below)

I understand the schedule for the Detox drink, Broth soup and Liver flush drink (See Below). How and when would you use Detox Drops, Molybdenum, Candidate, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C and Artemisia instead of Swedish Bitters within this schedule.

8:00am …. Detox drink (see recipe)
10:00am .. Broth soup (see recipe)
1:00pm …. Detox drink
3:00pm …. Broth soup
5:00pm …. Detox drink
7:00pm …. Liver flush drink (see recipe)

4. Should I buy organic Coconut milk in the box and add in the Kefir mix. If so, which mix do you recommend?

5. I understand and agree with you regarding the eggs. My thought was, if I do the cleans for 7 days that would equal 21 meals. If 7 are meat then would you recommend 14 eggs dishes? If you have any other ideas about protein dishes then I will cut down the meat.

6. The reason that I brought up the oils that I eat and the amount is because I’m concerned that the fat will interfere with the cleans and diet. I am not diabetic.

7. My Candidate is on back order. Maybe 4 weeks from Native Remedies.. Is it ok to continue the cleans without it?

8. What should I look for in a good Swedish Bitter. I’ll probably have to go to my health food store.