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Thanks Able,
your assumption that I’m taking renew life probiotic at 50 billion count daily is correct.

Yep, I’ve been on the diet for a month, and I have been eating Granny smith apples (my favorite any way 🙂

The Coconut oil is growing on me, so I see no problem in increasing to 5 tbsp. I think I have about 7 pills left. I will start taking probiotics twice a day after that.

I understand that 7 weeks is not going to be the timeline (as the website states), and I’m definitely not planning to go back to my previous diet regime, but lately I’ve been having intense craving to something sweet. I didn’t do anything about it, but I guess what I’m trying to say is if I could have an idea of how long the process is going to take, it could make my struggle easier.

I hope this last paragraph made some sense…

Thanks again!