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Hello, tg.

I’m typing this under the assumption that you’re still taking the Renew Life, Ultimate Flora, Critical Colon probiotic at 50-billion count daily. Let me know if that’s incorrect. How many of those do you have left in the bottle?

Am I correct in thinking that you’ve only been on the diet and/or detoxing for about a month?

If so, frankly, I don’t think it’s time to introduce any other food item at this time. You’ve already added the apple; are you eating Granny Smith apples? If not, these are the ones you should be having.

As far as “adding” another antifungal product, I wouldn’t add a different one right now because you can raise the amounts of what you’re already taking and have the same result, only better because there’s really no need to purchase another one when you already have two of the best available (coconut oil and a probiotic). I would simply raise the amount of coconut oil to four or five tablespoons a day, whichever you’re more comfortable with. In a few days, we can raise it again. After you’ve finished with the bottle of probiotics you now have, you should raise the amount of those as well.