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On this website the “die off symptoms” page is in the phase 2 section. So when I was first reading all of this I thought they were saying that you will start to experience the die off symptoms in phase 2. That didn’t make sense to me since I feel like they should start to die off as soon as you give up sugar. I am only in week one which is the optional detox week for me. I have been eating only steamed veggies and salad and broth that I made with the recipie on this site (and I am about to go insane eating like this) but I feel like I am already experiencing die off symptoms. It’s not horrible and sometimes I wonder if that is really what it is but I figure I MUST be killing them if they have nothing to live off of right now, right?

So, you’re saying that the die off symptoms should be GONE before you start phase 2? Because this website doesn’t even have you start taking the anti fungals until phase 2. Is that just supposed to keep them from coming back as you add back in beans, starchy vegetables and some fruit?

Also, would it be bad for me to take anti fungals starting next week in phase 1? I kind of feel like I could do different anti fungals during both phases and that way I could make sure it was gone before the 7 weeks of strict eating is over. Or would that just make the die off symptoms way too bad and dangerous?

I guess am just concerned because another website I saw said that it will about the same number of months to get rid of it as years that you have had the problem (not sure if that is true at all or not). But I have had psoriasis since I was five years old, so I assume I have had this problem since around age 4. All I can think of is that I got two (I believe metal) fillings at the age of 4 because I had two cavities. Also, my parents did have us eat relatively healthy but I know that we did often eat sugar like most kids so I’m assuming this is how it happened. I don’t know if I was ever on antibiotics, not that I can remember but I wouldn’t remember at the age of 4. But in any case, if that website was correct then it would take me around 26 months to get rid of it .. more than two years!!

So, when I found this website, naturally I wanted to follow THIS plan rather than a plan where I just eat very restricted for two straight years. But that is why I thought maybe I would do multiple anti fungals during these next 6 weeks to make sure it’s gone. Thanks in advance for your advice!

Able, where can we get the Molybdenum and Candidate? Do you order it from somewhere?

Thanks!! Allison