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Runnergirl, this is exactly what I was “diagnosed” with in October 2011, unfortunately it took me 1 more year to narrow my research down and discover candida was the root cause, and I had infact been feeding it for the past year with gluten-free but sugar filled goods. I realised something else was wrong when my symptoms did not disappear even after changing to a gluten free diet.

Since starting the diet I have seen massive improvement in my skin, the terrible acne on my face has cleared, the pussy spots all over my feet, the skin breakages all over my arms, elbows, knees and legs have all but nearly healed up. I feel more awake, depression has lifted and I’m starting to get my energy back, although long working days take it out of me, I know I am on the road of recovery.

I have just started bombarding my body with probiotics (fivelac and homemade kefir) and am taking a number of other supplements which are helping with the die off.

It seems our diagnosis is pretty similar so any questions you may have for me, don’t hesitate 🙂