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Hi Able..Thanks for the response. I am using the treatment the website recommends, with the three stages…Cleansing – strict diet – reintroducing foods. It did occur to me that this might be from die-off but since its supposed to get worse before it gets better, I was expecting it to hurt as well. I feel normal, so Im not sure this is enough to be die off. Is it possible the probiotic I’m using isn’t strong enough? Mine is Renew Life, 24 billion. I wanted to get a higher one, but thats the highest I found. So I figured I’d at least start with that.

It’s alright for a starter probiotic because you souldn’t start with the strongest but rather work your way up to a strong one to avoid heavy die-off toxins.

If you’re going to ask questions on the forum, be aware that most of the members use the protocol on the forum, not the website, so it may confuse you when you receive answers from the members. Maybe reading a few posts would help you get an idea of what other forum members are doing.

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