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Able900 wrote:

Hi there everyone. I need a little advice..I have done 13 days of Stage 1 (its been really tough as you all know), was gonna try to do the max full 14 days this site suggests, but I just was getting really sick of it so figured the 13 is enough and I should move on to Stage 2 today (so took first probiotic). But when I got up the area where I usually see the infection was very red which I didn’t expect. Usually the first sign that its come back (it comes and goes) is that it hurts, but now it doesn’t really at all (just a little tingly), just its very red. Is this normal? Maybe I should stay on Stage 1, but Im not sure if its good to do it longer than the suggested max time. thanks

Aron, 13 days is plenty long enough for the cleanse. The redness could be a sign of die-off since you’ve been on the cleanse and then immediately took a probiotic.

Which treatment are you following, the website or the protocol on the forum?


Hi Able..Thanks for the response. I am using the treatment the website recommends, with the three stages…Cleansing – strict diet – reintroducing foods. It did occur to me that this might be from die-off but since its supposed to get worse before it gets better, I was expecting it to hurt as well. I feel normal, so Im not sure this is enough to be die off. Is it possible the probiotic I’m using isn’t strong enough? Mine is Renew Life, 24 billion. I wanted to get a higher one, but thats the highest I found. So I figured I’d at least start with that.