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I hate to break it to you but these food itemse shouldn’t be eaten on the diet. Corn is the main one that you seem to be eating a bunch; it is inflammatory and contains starch and sugars:

Brown rice is also inflammatory and contains high amounts of starch and low amounts of sugar:

Spelt is not recommended on the diet because it basically is very similar to wheat and other grains. Able can chime in more but it is atleast inflammatory neutral:

Marinara sauce is high in sugar and is mildy inflammatory:

Nancy’s yogurt contains too much sugar per serving; you need to have greek yogurt which typically contains between 8-11g of sugar per serving while nancy’s yogurt has 20-30g of sugar per serving.

Almond milk also should not be consumed stage 1 because almonds contain molds and can easily feed candida which is a fungus. You can roast the almonds and soak them in water which will remove most of the mold.