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On a daily basis I am eating Rice puffs (brown rice puffed up) with almond milk unsweetened and blueberries on top. Eggs scrambled. Spelt bread it doesn’t upset my stomach and has very little yeast with avocado tomato lettuce and mustard. Pop Chips potato chips (Potato flakes, potato starch, sunflower, safflower, canola oil, rice flour). Corn bread (Cornmeal, almond milk, baking powder, eggs) avocado and salsa.
I try and change my diet up so I also eat other things like rice noodles and trader jo’s marinara sauce. Dried Sweet Potatos Spinach quinoa chicken pepper salt tomatos avocado. Avocado and hummus with corn chips. Spelt crackers with salmon and sunflower seeds. Nancy’s yogurt and gluten free oatmeal. Corn tacos with organic ground turkey meat, spices, tomatos, lettuce, peppers, and rice.

I am taking Optima once daily it has 60 billion active probiotics