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Hello, Nicole, and welcome to the forum.

I’ve never read a report about Difflucan or any other prescription med was able to completely cure a Candida albicans infestation, even though as you say they can sometimes lessen the symptoms and make the patient feel a bit better for a while. This is because they are unable to address the actuall cause of the infestation which is always a loss of beneficial bacteria because of diet plus sometimes antibiotics and a low immune system, also generally caused by the diet.

A healthy person can get through a full course of a strong antibiotics without contracting a yeast infection or a Candida infestation; others cannot because of other factors present with the body.

The detox stage can last from one week to ten days and even up to two weeks or more. It depends on you and how you feel with the protocol. Also, it often depends on whether or not the patient is working because sometimes more protein and food is needed for a person who is working on a daily basis among other activities. I can say that the longer you’re on the detox, the faster you will jump-start the treatment and, providing you do not stray from any stage of the treatment, the longer detox period will shorten the length of the overall treatment in most cases. Just decide which length of time you wish stay on the detox diet.

After the initial detox period has ended for you, you’ll be ready for the regular Candida diet treatment, this is the part you will be on for a long time. Some people call it stage two, but in reality the more appropriate name would be the second part of the detox. When you start this, in the beginning you would add at least one antifungal to your regimen. In addition, more protein in the way of chicken and fish would be alright in most cases. If at that time you’re not already taking Molybdenum, I would suggest purchasing this in pill form. It’ll be very helpful when the die-off symptoms start, plus it will protect your liver from the toxins which the dying Candida will release.
During this time I would also recommend various vitamin supplements to be added if you’re not already taking them. These would be A & D, plus extra D3 capsules, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. I do not advocate multiple vitamins at all for various reasons, all having to do with health issues.

After about three weeks from starting the detox, and depending on how you’re doing at the time, you could try testing organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt.

Let me know if you have questions, and congratulations on making the decision to start your treatment.


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