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I would not take the digestive enzymes during the cleanse but only during the diet; same with l-glutamine, and nettle…the reason being you need them for healing and you won’t be healing too much on the cleanse. The rest of the vitamins are ok.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the vitamins are more or less getting flushed out of the body by doing a cleanse/detox so they aren’t really doing too much right now. It might be worth it to save them as well (thats what I would do), but its up to you. Keep in mind that it’ll take as long as 6-18 months to get over candida overgrowth so doing things too quickly, vigorously, etc. might not be a good idea (in other words too much at once). Its all about a slow gradual persistent pace to get better.

It’s not good to overdo any food item, supplement, etc. to the point where you experience new symptoms such as an allergy.

I would start phase 1 of the diet soon and not continue with the cleanse.