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Jackie2 wrote: Thanks so much for your response and all the time and thought you put into the advice you give out. So appreciated. I won’t stress about the spit test. I will move forward. Slowly 🙂

This is good news. Trust the diet and take your time. I believe that the natural healing from the inside out will need our patience. The way the doctors deal by working with the symptoms gives quick results and we feel it is helping but in reality it is not because it doesn’t deal with the root of the problem. The tuff thing with the natural healing is that the symptoms stay or even become worse in the beginning. That is contradictory to what we expect. The mind thinks if I do good I will be rewarded. But this is not so in the beginning. If a smoker, alcoholic, drug-user, coffee or sugar addict stops taking their drug they too suffer for a while before they are feeling better.

all the best to you!
Hang in there!