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carla mc
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i had been using oil of oregano.things stayed the same (felt like steady lessening of symptoms) during the 10 days on olive leaf extract(liquid). since trying the GSE (2 weeks) and the new garlic powder, tongue is feeling thicker, pastier. burning mouth again too.a new thing-the teeth with amalgam feel extra coated no matter how much brushing(with neem&tea tree oil)& flossing. i don’t think it’s ever felt this bad orally, but still feeling good about the improvements in digestion.maybe it’s just the yeast battling with the chemistry, one last (hopefully) hurrah with my body before i starve it out? i’ve been in the habit of taking anti fungals with meals…might this make a difference? it’s fascinating to realize how the yeast is affecting the anxiety-or is it the other way around? incredible that the more yeasty/stressy i get, the more of a lady beard i get! (that was also lessened dramatically the first 6 weeks on the diet.)