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impossible;53625 wrote: Do you get the same reaction any time you eat foods that have alot of tomato or maybe noodles but with a white sauce? Sounds like an immune reaction. Those are actually my girlfriends exact symptoms when she has them, though sometimes she will get restless legs or heart palpitations as well. My worst problem has been food reactions and Ive dealt with those symptoms alot too.

Well tonight I had 8oz chicken thigh stir-fry and I had 2 serrano peppers, and 1 red bell pepper in the veggie mix. Assuming it wouldn’t just be tomatoes but nightshades in general I don’t think I have a problem there because I feel great right now (only had chicken and the mixed vegetables, no basmati rice). Any kind of pasta has always given me the ‘carb high’ especially macaroni and cheese… Talk about the green apple splatters and IBS the next day. But then again I also eat mac n’ cheese with habaneros, ground pepper, and sriracha on top.

Raster: I’m actually trying to chew more lately my g/f says I inhale my food.