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Thanks so much. I will look into it. Can I use baking soda to brush teeth with? I want this gone and don’t want to risk a thing.

I got back with my doctor via email to see if I need to see him for this oral thrush. My perscription is almost out. I told him I had cut out all sugars out of my diet and wanted to know what to do when script ran out? Did I need a refil or what? I told him I was having a film along my gum line….

Nurse called back and said finsh script and I am done. I don’t need a follow up blood test as I’m not taking capsuls. If I continue to have problems along gum line to call dentist and have dentist look further into this…really???

So, I need to know what kind of Doctor do I go to that helps me monitor this situation?

I have never taken any supplements…so I have been hesitant to take what is posted on this Forum and I find it so hard to follow and understand. As I read I get anxioius and have to stop. But I know I need to get a grip on this because it is going to be a long and steady ride.

I don’t mind the diet so much because it is very healthy and I need to get a grip in that area.

Is the pain in my muscles due to the diet? Or is it from the Candida? Do you think I got the oral thrush because I had Candida and it was given an opportunity to bloom? I didn’t have a lot of the sympotms on the list…the ones I did have were common to life..stress etc. I have lost quite a bit of hair over the past few months wondering if this is part of the problem. Was thinking a thyroid problem. UGH so much.

Eating this raw garlic…whoooo hooooo burning the mouth.

I still have no tast. I can feel the tart lemon, burning of onion and garlic, and salt. Other than that I wonder if my taste will come back as well.