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Your tastebuds will comeback; mine have altered significantly. I used to loathe the taste of a cigarrette, but now the flavor is bad/awful. I used to hate the homeopathic medicines I am taking and now I sorta like them.

I have never heard about this green mouth thing you are mentioning and it might be a good idea to get it checked out. It might just be the oral thrush blooming in your mouth; I never had oral thrush so don’t know anything about it.

I go to a naturopathic doctor; they can heal many of your ailments if they are a good/knowledgeable doctor. If they are bad, they will only prolong the treatment and take your money. They heal holistically, meaning they try to heal the root cause of the problem in your body.

The aches and hair loss makes me think that you have a de-mineralization problem where the candida uses trace minerals such as calcium, iron from your body. You can supplement this with trace mineral vitamins; I take a homeopathic medicine called silicia on top of this to help stop this problem.

The basic supplements that work very effectively include bitters, probiotic, molybdenum, and SF722 undecenoic acid. These are very effective in treating a wide variety of ailments with the body relating to candida overgrowth. On top of this almost any other antifungal and anti-inflammatory is helpful as well.