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Yeah, Fillie, I can understand where you are coming from. I think most of us on this forum have gone through that same realisation and the subsequent “ticked off” period that follows it. You *can*, of course, continue on following the diet as the website recommends. The extended time frames are the suggestions of a few users on this site, not the suggestions of any website moderators or administration. So, you kind of have to decide for yourself what path you want to take.

I’ve mostly beem making my decisions based on the info from this website and it’s boards, a couple of published books, another website, and a few acquaintances I have that have successfully dealt with their candida. One gal I went to high school with and have been talking to on Facebook, about candida of all things! 🙂 She followed a diet very carefully for about 6 months, added low sugar fruits and other low-risk foods *gradually** over the next six months to a year. It’s been over 2 years for her now since she first started her candida diet (she was in the care of a naturopath) and she can regularly eat most foods except for actual sweets, white bread products, and high-carb combo foods like pizza **as long as she is careful to balance** any splurge with controlled eating a week or two afterwards. She has had dessert, but only very small portions and only very infrequently. But, she’s fine at this point with most foods. So, the reintroduction period is legitimate, but it’s not designed to get you back to a junk-food-centric diet. There are “off limits” foods that are most likely *always* going to have to be carefully chosen and balanced for those who have had candida issues.

I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better now. These boards are a great place to talk through things, bounce ideas around, and get encouragement. I hope they’re helpful to you 🙂