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Hello, Fellie.

As far as what I think of the ‘official’ statements on this website and all other websites dedicated to the various Candida diet stages, well, I can tell you that I’ve not read a word written by an administrator of this website because by the time I found this forum, I had learned to ignore the ‘experts’. Ask yourself this, how many of the so-called Candida experts who write the information on these websites do you suppose have actually experienced a Candida infestation? I’d be very surprised if there were more than a half of a percent of them who have, my guess would be closer to none. My advice: ignore the experts and stick with Candida sufferers who have gone through it all.

The quote I gave you by Neeky in my first post still remains: Eliminate yeast, all sugars, and no dairy or fungus. I’ll add no simple carbs, and be very careful with complex carbohydrates, more so in the first 3 months than later on. Eight months after I contracted Candida and managed to ‘mostly’ cure it, at least to the point where I have no symptoms, I’m still eating a very limited amount of complex carbs and no simple carbs at all. The only ones that I’m eating are oat bran 2 to 3 times a week, dried beans up to 3 times a week and a small amount of blueberries a few times a week, and that’s it. I’m taking no chances in this thing coming back as it was before. I can live with this diet for the rest of my life if I need to without a problem because I want my health above all more than I want sugar and carbohydrates. It’s really all about making choices and then sticking with your decision.

As far as stage 2 and 3 after a certain amount of time are concerned, that’s all BS. Stage 2 may be 3 months away, or it may be 3 years away. As far as stage 3 goes, I have no idea what foods are even on that stage because I know I’d be wasting my time to try and find a list. The way I see it, stage 3 will come if and when it’s time for it to, period.

After several months have passed, and you can see an improvement, going out to eat is no longer a problem. First, you get used to the fact that there are certain places you will not go to eat; pizza and hamburger joints for starters. You will learn to choose a decent restaurant where you can order healthier foods such as baked or fried chicken (you simply pull all the skin off the chicken and eat the white meat only), salads, and cooked, healthy vegetables. I went out for lunch today and had fried chicken, a large salad, green beans and lemon water, and I was quite satisfied when I left.

I know you’re a student and don’t have the time to experiment, etc. but guess what, experimenting doesn’t take that much time, you simply put a few bites in your mouth and eat it. If you have no reactions within a reasonable length of time and if the thrush gets no worse, then try adding the food maybe twice a week to your diet. This twice a week is still part of experimenting until you’re sure you can handle the new food.

If you have a question or concern and don’t have time to research it, come to the forum and ask. More times than not somebody will be able to help you.

Ok, so I just took a look at the Candida Diet home page, and in looking at stage 1 I see they’ve titled it “Detox.” I never did a detox with actual supplements. My detox period began when I started the “clean” diet and it’s still going on because I’m still on a clean diet.

I see they have low-mold type nuts during stage 1. This is something that some can handle and some cannot. I still won’t eat any nuts at all because, the last time I tried them, about a month ago, I still receive a mild reactive symptom from even a few, so I just leave them alone.

Again, you have to find these things out by experimenting.

I see also that in stage 1 they placed salt and then also Sea Salt. Another crock. Leave the plain table salt out of your diet from now on. Purchase a good grade of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt. Not only does it NOT contain Dextrose like table salt does, but it contains about 72 essential minerals as opposed to table salt which on average contains 2 minerals. This should be basic kindergarten stuff for so-called Candida experts, but still they can’t get it right.

At the bottom of their list then have herbal teas, and they even tell you that if you miss your morning coffee, to drink green tea. But what they don’t bother to tell you is that, unless you can find a decaffeinated green tea, it will contain caffeine. The reason we need to leave caffeine alone if we have a Candida infestation is because caffeine is extremely hard on the adrenals, and has been known to cause an adrenal crash in people who drink caffeine. Just like nicotine and cocaine, caffeine will overwork the adrenals which can lead to adrenal exhaustion which in turn leads to autoimmune disorders. The chance of this is much larger if you already have Candida because the adrenal glands are normally affected by a Candida infestation, and a common thread between people with an infestation is adrenal fatigue. Ingesting caffeine only adds to the chance of this happening.

Geez, this must be something like grading a elementary school paper, and we call them “experts.” I could probably go on all day and night with the corrections. Do yourself a favor, unless you’re 100% certain that the source is a legitimate authority on Candida, skip it. A legitimate authority probably means someone who has suffered with Candida for a while and therefore did all the research themselves.

Ask questions, talk to us.
(It wouldn’t surprise me if I got ejected for this post, oh well, if it makes them feel good.)