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dvjorge wrote: The point of the post is exactly that one, Kefir isn’t an antifungal. Do you know how many times I have read people telling they are killing candida drinking Kefir , and they are experiencing a severe die-off reaction. This a myth well propagated in the web. Yes, Kefir could be very beneficial for candida. Kefir has some amount of Lactose that may feed candida. No offense, just answering your question.

Kefir is beneficial for your intestinal enviroment. Sorry If I didn’t understand your question. I have had to change my mind many times in my learning curve about this syndrome. Who knows how many times I still have to do it. Sorry, many of my posts will contradict things you have as a fact. It happened to me too. I am trying to bring the arguments and elaborate the post in a way you can see it by yourself. You can understand the analogy and see proof. If you find something that help me, bring it. I can be wrong. I am creating a picture where you can think a see the things.



I appreciate the information & research attached to it.

Someone mentioned on here the fact I was feeling dizzy again after eating yogurt & kefir (for the 1st time, since the early stages) could be due to die off, so I assumed that as a fact.

I drink coconut water kefir & raw goats milk kefir. I would like to think in time I could knock the milk on the head, certainly on a daily basis. But i’m willing to keep going for as long as it takes, I really don’t want to go through this all over again.