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Angel29;54083 wrote: I’ve taken Azo- the UTI pain medication, baking soda with water, vitamin C, D Mannose. This UTI is burning out of control. I don’t know what to do besides take antibiotics.

I just feel like this is one of the lowest points of my life–I’m suffering with Generalized Anxiety disorder, suicidal thoughts, constant illness. Someone please help. I don’t know what to do anymore. How do I get out of this antibiotic cycle? After taking antibiotics for the sinus infection, I was working to repair my body, but lo and behold I need them again.

How do I stop this?? Someone please help me.

Have you had a test done and 100% sure its bacteria causing your UTI’s?
I’ve had dozens over UTI’s over the years, all FUNGAL related.
Anti-biotics are an absolute worst case scenario.
You will never get any better taking drugs that nuke your beneficials.

Stop driving yourself crazy with handfuls of supplements. Why are you taking pain medication with baking soda? Your immune system and intestinal flora are damaged and you should concentrate on that.
DIET is the first step. Then you can start looking at specific anti-fungals and culturing vegetables.

Uour UTI is a symptom of a greater problem.