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Vegan Catlady
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I use coconut-creamer instead of half and half. And I called the company- its slightly antifungal 🙂

I do carbs because I will kill someone if I dont. But I hear you, the journey is not quantifiable so it seems like there is no end. Your problem is MY problem- its not that we are “woe is me” because we both know things could be so much worse…BUT it feels unfair when you know you are eating healthy and this is still the result.

I think you have alot of things going for you. You have to put your focus on the stuff that is working and not the stuff that isnt, because when you focus on the positive your stress level drops and candida hates that.
Further more, give your glands some herbal support everyday (instead of subtracting from your diet,add to it)like licorice rt and siberian ginseng and this will improve your over-all reaction to stress,improving your immune system and possibly moving your recovery along.

As I understood it, it takes an average infection 6-12 months to correct, and a bit longer if you have had it for a while. In the grand scheme of things, this isnt a long time (ha I can say this because im old)
have faith that your body has the cellular intelligence to heal, and then intentionally support it by being kind to yourself in some small way every day.

I used to reward my long crappy days with sugar. Not terrible, but if you have candida before you do that,it is terrible.
Now I look for ways to reward myself that have more lasting comfort, and its made a difference.

Hang in there! <3