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Disclaimer: I’m not Able.

I’ve seen recommendations to eat as many as six eggs per day, if you feel it’s necessary, so it sounds like you’re eating an acceptable amount. However, I think you should take into account that protein alone won’t make you gain weight (or stop losing it). You need to eat more total calories, and the easiest way to add calories is with fat. A gram of fat has over twice as many calories as a gram of protein or carbohydrates. An easy way to eat more fat is to drizzle extra virgin olive oil on everything. If/when you eat hot cereal (buckwheat or oat bran), add a couple tablespoons of oil (and if you add a little salt, it’ll taste like you added butter — bonus). Add avocados to everything, too — on top of eggs, on top of stir-fry, on top of steamed vegetables, in smoothies, etc. When I was rapidly losing weight at the beginning of my treatment, I used to make guacamole out of avocado AND olive oil (and lemon and salt and pepper). Avocados can be your best friend — an egg contains about 80 calories, and an avocado will usually contain 250-300+.

Low energy is a pretty normal symptom of die-off. Your body also has to adjust its metabolism — it’s accustomed to burning carb calories for energy, which is a quick process. In the absence of a lot of carbs, you’ll feel tired until your body learns to burn fat calories for energy more efficiently. I dragged for a couple months until my body made the switch.