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I myself drink coffee once a week with a bit of half and half, so I don’t think its the end of the world. The main benefit from it is that it helps clean out the colon (big stools). I’d say once a week is OK. My body was able to handle it this amount and no more.

The nuts I would save for later if possible. I had quite a big reaction to them 4 months into the diet and couldn’t handle almond butter until month 5 pretty much. You might be on a different timeline than me; I would just say add these in when you feel strong and have no reactions.

Corn and rice I would place into the grain category and should be added in last along with dairy. However, you might want to consider adding red/black rice and wild rice because they have health benefits and you may not have had these ever in your lifetime (thus no allergies). I believe they contain less starch as well when compared to brown/white rice. Rotate with buckwheat and/or quinoa if possible and eat just about 2 times per week.

Cheese I would place in the same category as grains and would add this last.

Potatoes I would consider trying out just once a week, and moving up to twice a week in time. I would not overdo it and only continue eating if you notice no drawbacks whatsoever (or reaction). I still reacted to potatoes 4 months into diet, but after month 5 I had no reaction.

You won’t always get an allergic reaction to not allowed foods…it takes a long time to get over these sensitivities. For me this has been 5 months for almost everything. I still have slight reactions to dairy, molds, wheat/grains, and sugar…this will take a long to to get over.

I have a feeling able will cringe to my suggestions, but if you are moving onto phase 2, I would eat these things sparingly like I have suggested.

Another food item to consider adding in is (bob’s red mill) oat bran and eat it twice a week or so.