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Superb, thanks for the advice Raster. As I said I’ll take it slow and will listen to my body. I’ve no intention of rushing into things and ruining all my good work! I’m surprised at you saying spuds are (potentially) ok twice a week. Despite being irish I’ve never eaten a lot of potato! I far prefer basmati rice so look forward to trying black rice – I have some in the cupboard that I bought early before realising I should hold off, I’ve had wild rice a few times and love it.

Whats half and half? Is it dairy or non dairy? Do you use coffee grains or granules. Before my diagnosis I couldn’t tolerate instant at all but really enjoyed a good strong brew of the real stuff!

I’ll hold off on the other bits as per your advice and we’ll wait to see what Able suggests!

Its reassuring that you’re able to eat so many things at 5 months. And I’m assuming your case was more sever than mine so hopefully I’ll manage something similar.