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That sounds very promising. This seems like a breakthrough, and just what is needed to get rid of those pesky little microbes.

I’m wondering if the biofilm part of the cells is the reason why I didn’t get much die off, becuase they were so well protected. I falsely believed that meant my infestation wasn’t that bad, so I started to eat more foods. still on the diet, but more freely and not listening to my body. Here I am and I feel not much better than this time last year when I started on the diet. Luckily I learnt about digestion and can chalk that up as a breakthrough in itself.

If I do disrupt their biofilms and use antifungals, I am fully expecting die-off as everyone has described it (flu-like).
I don’t want to re-use any antifungals that are antibacterial as I feel I’ve already suffered a lot and my good bacteria need to thrive. So I’d like to just stick to coconut oil, garlic, SF722 (which doesn’t feel like it’s helping much), cinnamon, jalapenos, swede, and maybe a little oil of oregano as a last resort.
With nystatin hopefully that will be adequate, without causing too much too soon. I think whole food sources are better, more gentle and have their own qualities in assisting with die off.