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It is very, very difficult to vacation on this diet. When I went on vacation, I pre-made coconut bread, granola, and some muffins to take with me. I also brought along a lot of spices, so I wouldn’t have to buy them there, as well as some coconut manna and coconut oil. I bought a $20 blender upon arrival to be able to blend up soup. I stayed at my cousin’s place, so I got to use his kitchen, which was the only reason I survived.

I have been unable to eat in any restaurants…I’m a little concerned with what things are cooked in/with, so I avoid restaurants completely…or anything I didn’t prepare myself. You could ask to have plain steamed vegetables with no oil, a plain salad with no dressing (you could bring your own), or probably some kind of plain chicken or fish? I don’t know because I don’t eat meat. But you should watch out for any non-organic animal products.