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Keya wrote: Iron isn’t recommended on the diet, as it could benefit the candida overgrowth, if you have iron deficiency try apolactoferrin. Are you using any anti-fungals? Also, the probiotics are very important, you should be using the ones that have a multi-billion count.

Thanks for the tip! Have had iron issues in the past and my mum is anaemic so always try to keep up with the iron supplement.
Re the anti-fungals, I’m taking Caprylic Acid as well as including Coconut Oil in every meal. And I drink loads of kefir everyday made with organic cows milk so loads of probiotics – love the stuff 🙂

Mykoza wrote: Hi there
Your stomach pains and bloating are probably caused by Xylitol. I get this same reaction when I eat something with Xylitol.

I’ve not had xylitol for 2 days now and the cramping etc isnt as bad so it must’ve been from that. Hopefull it will be gone altogether soon. Am going to try making some more coconut bread this weekend and hopefully my stomach will behave itself.
Thanks 🙂