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Hey Raster, thanks for replying!

raster wrote: Undigested food can be caused by a few factors. One is how much you are chewing your food (if its not chewing 30+ times per each bite then this is it right here).

The second issue is that you likely are deficient in enzymes and/or HCL. If you take some bitters or an enzyme product, this will help you break down your foods better. Chewing also produces enzymes but your body may not be producing all of the ones you need.

I kinda figured it must’ve been down to low HCL so have been taking betain HCL after I eat and it definitely has been helping. Was just concerned it could be Crohns as I know people who have Crohns seem to have the same issue. Actually alot of the same symptoms as Candida.

raster wrote: What is the breathing symptom you are talking about, please explain this further. This could be due to the toxins flooding your lungs.

The skin problems and lung problems are both related to toxins flooding these organs.

I think the breathing problem was down to the extreme pain I was feeling in my stomach/diaphragm area that it was literally making me pretty short of breath. Or atleast that’s what I put it down to. I havent had that again thank god, but I do have slight asthma that I’ve had for a couple of years which I believe can be brought on by Candida and the toxins.

raster wrote: Is the rooibos tea caffeinated?

It’s all natural, organic and non caffeinated. I’m South African so I’ve pretty much been living on rooibos since I was able to drink 😉

raster wrote: I do think you need to eat more; you need to be full like its thanksgiving after each meal. You’ll likely feel a lot better. Additionally, you likely will feel a lot better if you were to eat meat because otherwise you’ll develop mineral deficiencies and other nutritional deficiencies. Minerals are found within the meat and are quite important. My naturopath recommends plenty of protein on the diet and gets screamed at when he tells his patients to eat meat who are vegetarian. When they finally give up and try it months or years later, they come back and tell him he is right.


To be honest, I really do struggle with eating enough; though I’ve never really been a big eater to begin with. Since being on the diet I have tried, but given that most food needs to be prepared etc, it’s pretty difficult to do at work (or store anything as our fridge at work is taken up by my boss’s addiction to diet coke – grim). But in the past couple of days I have been eating a nice big bowl of veggies for breakfast. I will also start eating prawns and salmon more regularly. Maybe chicken too; I’ve never really been able to stomach any other meat if I’m honest. I’m going to give the coconut bread another go this weekend and fingers crossed my stomach behaves itself