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A month or so later and I’m still struggling loads with this. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for alot of my life so I decided to go on an SSRI about 2 weeks ago due to doctors constantly telling me all my symptoms must be due to depression.. started having what I can only presume to be seratonin syndrome type symptoms throughout but probably also die-off as I know SSRI’s are powerful antifungals. I did talk to my doctor about these symptoms but was told to wait them out. They put me on Prozac, a few years back I was on citolopram – both are SSRI’s, never had a problem like this with the citolopram though. On friday I pretty much collapsed at work and had an ambulance take me to hospital. Fun times. Throughout the time I was on the SSRI’s I pretty much felt like I was “high” so to speak, but just about coming up on really bad drugs. As what [USERLINK]Cheesey[/USERLINK] mentioned in one of his posts. Apparently what caused me to collapse was an extreme panic attack but I still had this “high” sensation so I presume it was due to seratonin?.. Anyways, I’ve stopped with those now and still feel like shit. Am still sticking to the diet though:

I try to have coconut cake every morning where I can except with flax as an egg replacement as I’m allergic to eggs

Lots of veggies (onion, zucchini, green pepper, sometimes asparagas) in coconut oil with cucumber and lettuce, himalayan salt

Lots of veggies (cauliflower, onion, zucchini, green pepper, spinach), black pepper, ground garlic, himalayan salt and more coconut cake

Again, this probably isnt enough but I’m eating as much as my body will allow without wanting to be sick. I also find that I feel worse after eating in most cases so I am hesitant to eat alot of the time to be quite frank. I do sometimes prepare my own almonds.. soaked and roasted. I’ve never had a reaction from these which is why I do eat them every now and then.

I know it has been mentioned before that I probably need to eat meat on the diet, but another problem with this is I’m really struggling to afford all of this and organic meat is very pricey, plus I’m still vegetarian (well pretty much vegan at this point). I have bought pure hemp protein though to up my protein intake as I’ve read on the forum this should be ok. I was drinking loads of kefir before, as mentioned previously.. but I noticed that my stomach would play up after drinking this, probably due to dairy? so I’ve stopped with that. Instead I take a high count probiotic. I also drink loads of rooibos still but only with vanilla stevia drops.

The following vitamins:

Calcium with magnesium & zinc (Twice a day)
Acidophilus with pectin
Caprylic Acid
Milk Thistle
Vitamin E (Twice a day)
Biotin (Twice a day)
Vitamin D3
Chelated Molybdenum (Twice a day)
Vitamin C – 1000mg (Twice a day)
Sea kelp tablets for iodine
Betaine Hydrochoride
Probiotic –
Panthothenic Acid

Any help would be appreciated at this point. I’ve been trying with my doctor for ages to try and help with a solution but it keeps getting pointed back to depression which is annoying. I also basically have every single symptom of an underactive thyroid even though my T4 and TSH came back what my doctor thinks is normal. I have been referred to a gastroenterologist though who can hopefully help with the digestion problems I’ve been having. My weight fluctuates like crazy, especially around my period.. I’m still feeling really foggy brained, fatigued etc. And still fighting the good ol’ tinea versicolor battle, been putting selsun on the areas everyday as prescribed by my doctor.. not sure that it’s making a difference but am sticking with it.
I have read in a few posts that metal toxicity can cause these symptoms and also lead to candida, I am pretty tattooed and get tattooed on a regular basis..was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this? as I know some tattoo inks have heavy metals in them.

Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place and not clear etc… I’m still feeling pretty off from the effects of the SSRI’s ontop of the candida things I’ve been going through, my brain feels a bit all over the place so any help or guidance will be appreciated at this point. I just kinda feel like since I’ve started with this diet I’ve become worse.