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try eating smaller more frequent meals. breakfast should be the biggest, dinner the smallest. you don’t want all that food sitting in there while you’re sleeping and not digesting like you are when you’re awake. try chewing each bite 30-50! times. try not to drink fluids w/meals. xylitol is not recommended.

you say you reject coconut bread, but you seem ok w/apple…

if you do have candida you’ll feel better temporarily eating fruit/sugar because you’re feeding the yeast and they make you crave more sugar. w/the bread having lots of antifungal coconut oil it can cause intense die off/vomiting/diarrhea etc. i’ve experienced this using too much oil.

i don’t eat a whole lot either, and i’m maintaining my weight and energy. but spending more time on breakfast than dinner is very important to me. check all your products, my hair care had agave, honey, all kinds of bad stuff.