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mrs.candida;30491 wrote: You’ve saved the day again! I have just moved from the US to The Netherlands, and I don’t speak Dutch. My bottle of Molyb was something I had picked up locally and it was in Dutch. I just did some research and I don’t think it was chelated. Luckily I had a brand new bottle of “Country LIfe” brand Chelated Molyb ready to go. I just took 2 (150 mg capsules) Do you think it would be ok to take 6 capsules today?

Five of the molybdenum pills should do the job, if not today, certainly by tomorrow afternoon. I wouldn’t take over 750 mcg a day.

Also, I didn’t know about the vitamin C I thought I shouldn’t exceed 1000 mg a day..

Actually, 3000 mg a day is the very least anyone should be taking. Only take 1000 mg an hour if the die-off is so bad that you can barely stand it. If it does happen to give you diarrhea, this is good because it will remove the toxins along with dead and dying Candida

My big question is should I take more antifungals today or not? I’m feeling better this morning, but still not great.

No, I wouldn’t add antifungals to the mix until you’re sure that you have the die-off under control. This may take several days. Meanwhile, the diet alone is killing the Candida and creating enough toxins for the supplements to handle.