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You’ve saved the day again! I have just moved from the US to The Netherlands, and I don’t speak Dutch. My bottle of Molyb was something I had picked up locally and it was in Dutch. I just did some research and I don’t think it was chelated. Luckily I had a brand new bottle of “Country LIfe” brand Chelated Molyb ready to go. I just took 2 (150 mg capsules) Do you think it would be ok to take 6 capsules today?

Also, I didn’t know about the vitamin C I thought I shouldn’t exceed 1000 mg a day. I’m pretty sure 1000 mg of vitamin C in an hour would certainly bring on diarrhea, what did you do? Just handle the diarrhea and be happy your head doesn’t hurt so bad?

Unfortunately I don’t have a bath tub. I did take a hot shower, probably could have finished it with a cold rinse to bump up my imune system.

Yes, I’m drinking lots of water, as much as I could stomach yesterday, and lots of herbal tea. A yogi tea with cinnamon and ginger seemed to help a tiny bit.

I have milk thistle, I was suspecting it was making me feel worse. I find out today if thats the case or not.

My big question is should I take more antifungals today or not? I’m feeling better this morning, but still not great.

natmike, good to know I’m not the only one who’s miserable. Best of luck to you.