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I hope it’s ok if I add on with my experience here, to save starting a new thread.

For the first day I was super sick with die off. I had only been doing the diet for three days and had been taking Molyb + some medication I need mixed in a teaspoon of coconut oil (hadn’t done the cleanse yet as haven’t been able to) but I woke up this morning with sore stomach, sweating, feeling dizzy and weak, like I had food poisoning or stomach flu. I ended up having some fruit and it made me feel better but this isn’t a long term solution.

So, I have a couple of questions. I plan to do the cleanse but does die off/weakness occur when you’re doing it? I’m currently doing a masters degree and until mid january i have important essays due so I can’t really feel as sick as I did today and am considering to wait until after my final deadline for a short holiday where I can afford to spend a few days written off.

Secondly, is the die off less if you do the cleanse before?

Third, considering my position, what would any of you advise that I do? I want to do this to get rid of my fatigue and in particular brain fog BUT, even one day written off is too much at the moment and I can work OK with the candida symptoms, just not at what I feel my best could be.

Any advice would be appreciated.