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Here are some of my snacks:

A gigantic cucumber with acv mustard on it (the mustard is antifungal).
A few jalapinos (anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and antifungal).
An avacado (prebiotic and all around superfood).
A can of asparagus (prebiotic).
A slice of teff bread (prebiotic with good bacteria, and will boost energy). *
Hard boiled eggs, or eggs scrambled and microwaved for a few minutes.

*Look into the bread recipes on here. Some stuff can be hard to tolerate at first if you have leaky gut, but you can work it in slowly or alternate grains. Sometimes I have cream of buckwheat one day, teff bread the next if I’m having bad LGS. I would recommend trying either teff bread of coconut bread. I’m super hungry first thing in the morning so I usually go straight to the fridge and grab a slice. It’s nice because there’s no prep involved and it’s filling. I wasn’t into the whole idea of baking at first but its worth it when you finish a loaf and take that first bite lol. Good luck.