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SRQ wrote: Able is absolutely right. I discovered snacking basically was just a habit. I wasn’t actually hungry. For me, hard boiled eggs and pumpkin seeds are my in between meal snacks. And, usually, I munch on those not out of hunger, but to help keep up my calorie count. I find too that the more regimented my day is, the easier it is for me to avoid snacking because I know when my next planned meal will be. Good luck…sounds like you’re doing well!

And it’s funny,all the cravings I started to get,for fruit,berry cobbler,brownies,especially pumpkin pie..well last night I did a test with my fungus.I watched some of Sophie Dahl’s cooking show episodes,featuring peanut butter fudge,lemon mousse,brown sugar something or other.I was nauseated.That put the fungus in place! it reminded me of when I was 19 and would make peanut butter cookies and eat half the batter..and even last year,I would make cookies,especially oatmeal peanut butter carob chip,and eat half the batter.So disgusting.I totally turned the tables on the fungus HAHA!