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SRQ wrote: Able is absolutely right. I discovered snacking basically was just a habit. I wasn’t actually hungry. For me, hard boiled eggs and pumpkin seeds are my in between meal snacks. And, usually, I munch on those not out of hunger, but to help keep up my calorie count. I find too that the more regimented my day is, the easier it is for me to avoid snacking because I know when my next planned meal will be. Good luck…sounds like you’re doing well!

You know I don’t feel snacky at all today.Yesterday I overdid it,having salmon wraps made of collards with salmon and vegetables inside.I thought I was still hungry so I had two huge sliced cucumbers with too much Himalayan salt.I felt horrible and my stomach was bloated,I think from too much salt as well.had a good hot steam to help that out.
Yes,I find regimen and routine very important.I know exactly what I’m having for every meal,shop ahead,etc.
Thank you for the support! I literally have none where I live! Most people have no clue as to what Candida us,yet I see or meet so many with symptoms…scary.