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wow, your story is so similar to mine.

To answer your question, can mold do this to you? The answer is unquestionably YES it can.

The list of what mold can do to your body is unending and you will never get better until you either leave or clean it properly. First thing, DO NOT use bleach to clean up mold. Bleach does not kill mold. It just turns it a different color and makes it harder to see and it will eventually come back. Use a solution of water and borax to kill it. I would also advise looking into buying a cold air diffuser and getting some thieves oil and diffusing it for 24-48 hours straight in your basement. Thieves oil kills 99.6% of all mold in the air and on your walls. But you still need to clean all visible areas with the borax first.

Basically a shortened list of what the mold does is it weakens your immune system, destroys all the beneficial bacteria in your stomach, allows candida to flourish and take over your entire body. You cannot beat candida until you are in a mold free environment, I cannot stress this enough.

I had mold poisoning very very bad. I had dark urine, acid reflux, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, itchy eyes, etc. Those symptoms have pretty much gone but now I’m left with the monster that is candida to get rid of and I’ve finally resorted to Rx antifungals to finally win this battle. Everyone is different and you should try the natural path first. You may respond differently than me.

The way I explain it is getting out of the mold environment will allow you to recover 30-40 percent, the last 50-60 percent is going to be the candida. Everybody in my opinion who has had mold poisoning has candida.

You add antibiotics to the mixture and that just makes it even worse for your body. I had a bad mold exposure when I was 12 years old too so I was probably already hyper sensitive to black mold.

My issues started with penile problems as well. Than it spread like wildfire. Sinuses, feet, throat, etc.

So my advice to you is #1 focus on cleaning up the mold in your home. Get some borax. It’s cheap stuff

here’s some info on how to make the solution and also washing your clothes with it. It’s a very low toxicity to the body too and some people even digest it although I don’t recommend that.

#2, consider diffusing your basement with thieves oil. I found the best quality diffuser for the price was from heritage diffusers

i just got the cheapest one they offer and it works fantastic. Here’s a video on the effectiveness of diffusing thieves oil.

Once you’ve done this. You can focus on your healing a lot better. Start getting the sugar out of your diet nad incorporating natural antifungals. Don’t overdo it if your die off becomes too much. Again this is a marathon and not a race.

Raster is the leader on this website and is a wealth of information, even more than me. He’s who I learn from and ask my questions too. He also had candida develop from mold poisoning so any info he has to add should be followed!

That’s at least a starting point for you I hope!