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raster wrote: There could be a few things going on. Do you have dandruff? Excessive dandruff?

I had ringworm for the last 10 years and it completely blanketed my scalp. It was a thick layer! I could not tell I had it other than dandruff and some scabbing on my head. I would consider getting tested for ringworm, which is caused by both fungus and parasites. If you do have it, you’ll need to kill the parasites internally while using a few types of special shampoo. I highly recommend this one shampoo sold by vitamin shoppe “anti-dandruff shampoo.” And you’ll also need a selenium sulfide shampoo as well to kill ringworm…

Hope this helps! I was able to improve my hair with the protocol as well as by killing the parasites.


Thanks for the reply raster.

I most definitely have dandruff…not sure it it’s excessive though. Were you prescribed with anything special to deal with the ringworm internally? or did you just continue with the protocol to fix it? Is it a stool test to determine if ringworm is present?

Where can I get a selenium sulfide shampoo? I might as well just treat it as ringworm in the mean time…