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emerrube wrote: I’ve been browsing these forums here and there and deciding if I really want to do this. I have a question…has anyone noticed one way or the other if they sleep better? Well, once they feel better, I suppose. 😉 I sleep very poorly and despite a lot of options that only might work I’m beginning to wonder if it is because of a poor digestion system.

Of course, then there is the problem of sticking with this long enough to see if it does work. 😉 But I guess I’ll worry about that if I decide to do it.

I’m just more curious at this point if anyone noticed any improvements with their sleep. Thanks. (Oh, and I was off of caffeine for six months with no improvement to sleep issues)

I have never really had sleep problems before so I cant say if my sleep has improved. I will say though I have been having some extremely vivid and weird dreams since I started the program. Im not sure if its from the candida die off. I suppose since this stuff has caused me brain fog for a long time, it would make sense that if its gone I would have better brain function.