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Standinghawk, I am also on this diet for skin reasons – dry, flakey, no elasticity on arms and legs, which I believe are candida related (together with or because of my chronic constipation). However it could be exposure related.

I’ve only started (week 2 ish) so haven’t seen a diffs in the skin except for the odd annoying die-off pimple. The constipation is improving so I am hopeful.

Have you tried using oil on you skin (not cosmetic)? Oil kills oil, and that is supposed to work.

Personally, prior to starting the candida diet, I stopped using soap and shampers – body (excl. bits & bits) and face. I shower or bath only using water, and on the odd day I may rinse with an essential oil/water mix, or rub on tissue oil From this alone I have seen a difference, but still room to improve.

Supplement wise (yes, I’m big on these) … a beta carotine Vits A,C,E,Zinc and an EFA (or have a spoon full of your olive oil) should help your skin improve too.